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Tradewind Voyages

At Tradewind Voyages we take guests on a voyage that connects them with the world and sea in all its forms. Delivering a maritime experience; sailing where other ships can’t. Our Approach: Our team, both onboard and ashore work to the same values; to act as one team to ensure our guests’ journeys are seamless and enjoyable. We do not force a charge for gratuities as our ethos is to always offer the best levels of service at every touch point. Offering the highest standards of dining, accommodation and entertainment. The ambience onboard is relaxed, casual, elegant and without unnecessary formality. The Golden Horizon: Our logo sets the scene for a voyage that allows people to explore over the horizon and to experience the world and the sea in all its forms. It represents the sun peeking over the horizon, evoking a sense of discovery and tranquillity. Our Journey: Tradewind Voyages was born from a marriage of passion for the ocean and hospitality. If you share our passion and want to be a part of our journey, why not join us on a voyage?

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